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Ethnic Paintings

Painting is the most beautiful way to bring the imaginations and creativity of artists in front of the world. The art is as old as human civilizations, and the prehistoric rock paintings on cave walls and ceilings found in may parts of the world still continue to fascinate art lovers. During the medieval age, various forms of painting flourished in different parts of the world. Notable among them were Indian, Islamic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Western paintings. The Renaissance (14th to 17th century) in Europe is considered by many as the golden age of painting. Ethnicpaintings attempts to take you on an enlightening odyssey through the vibrant world of paintings. The site provides descriptive information on painting styles, media, tools, famous paintings and renowned artists across the globe. There is a wealth of well-researched and comprehensive articles on painting styles and movements, contemporary artists, and much more.
Painting Styles

There are many painting styles that have been used by artists around the world. A detailed description of various movements and Schools of painting that have affected the growth and development of painting is mentioned in this section. Aestheticism, Baroque art, Expressionism, Realism, Gothic art, Theorem art, Modernism, Romanticism, and Symbolism are some such movements and styles that have influenced the world of paintings.

  Famous Paintings
Painting Tools

Painting tools are the instruments needed to give shape to an artist's imagination in colors and lines. Although men started painting with bare hands and colors extracted from flowers and leaves, with time and evolution of life and painting, various paintings tools have become an indispensable part of the art of painting. A canvas, brush, pencil etc are some of the basic painting tools. We present detailed articles on various painting tools.


Some of the artistic creations have become synonymous to the art of painting. These famous paintings have been fascinating art lovers all over the world. The inquisitiveness about Mona Lisa smile, melting clocks of Salvador Dali paintings, and Michelangelo's creation of Adam has made art lovers looking for authentic information on these timeless pieces of art. Know more about such famous paintings in this section.

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Painting Media

Different painting media create completely different results.Artists select their painting media as intently as they decide on the theme and execution of their paintings. Painting media that are commonly used include Acrylic Painting, Charcoal Painting, Ink Paintings, Oil Pastel, Wax Painting, Silk Paintings. Read in this section about the different painting media employed by artists.

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