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Rochester Memorial Art Gallery

The Rochester Memorial Art Gallery is located in 500 Rochester Avenue, New York. The memorial art gallery founded in the year 1913, is believed to be one of the best local art museums in America.

The Rochester art gallery is popular for conducting different educational and social programs. The art gallery has conducted different public programs and creative workshops. The gallery organizes different Creative Workshop programs. In its art school, the museum organizes a year-round program in which classes are conducted at the beginning, middle and higher level of drawing, painting, ceramics, and fibers. The teachers employed here are the professional educators, working artists and art historians. Thus the Memorial art gallery is a perfect place to learn and see art. Different programs are conducted on the basis of different needs.

Since its founding years the permanent collection of the museum has immensely increased. At present the museum has a holding of nearly 11,000 artworks.

These art works are very famous for representing different cultures from all over the world and for its breadth and quality. If you visit the gallery it will surprise you by its classic artworks at every corner.

Three paintings by Monet, a portrait, a Guanyin Chinese sculpture are the collection of Asian and European galleries. Paintings of Winslow Homer, Thomas Hart Benton and a comprehensive collection of sculptures by Gaston Lachaise proudly represent the American collection.

All above are the age old collections in the new acquisition where you will find seventeenth century Baroque Italian paintings, Luca Giordano’s The Entombment and many others. The total art collection at the Rochester Memorial Art gallery is kept for nearly a century; these are considered as the best in the visual arts collection.

The Rochester Memorial art gallery has also organized many exhibitions in past on the concepts like ‘Pollock on Paper’, the ‘Anxious Objects’ by ‘Willie Cole’, Georgia O’ Keeffe and other such types. The gallery is still constantly organizing different exhibitions all year round like the Natura Morta, still life painting collection, After Lifes and many more.

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