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Austin Museum of Art

History of Austin Museum of Art

Austin Museum of Art has a four-decade background. Established in 1961, the museum was first known as Laguna Gloria Art Museum. It is said to be the primary museum with community art as its principal subject of interest in the whole of Central Texas. Various exhibitions and educational programs have been part of this museum since its inception. Besides, people also gained art experiences in this museum. This huge edifice sits on a 5,300-square foot land and was built around 1983. Indeed, the name of the art school was changed to the Austin Museum of Art in 1996. It also moved its location to 823 Congress Avenue. This location served two-fold purposes:

  • To better serve the entire city.
  • To allow the restoration and preservation of the original building.

Location of the Museum

Austin Museum of Arts is situated at two places—at 823 Congress Avenue at 9th Street and at 3809 West 35th Street west of Mopac, Laguna Gloria. Laguna Gloria is the original home of the museum. It offers in depth information on history, art, and nature. This was initially home of Clara Driscoll, a Texas legend. However, the present building is the one of the finest examples of the 1916 Italianate-style villas. There are art exhibitions, educational discussions and much more. In fact, the site has been declared as ‘a national treasure’. The other museum building at downtown showcases varied exhibitions and is known to conduct educational programs that highlight 20th century and contemporary art. Altogether, both the museums continue to enhance the service to the community.

The Art School at the Museum

The Art School is located at the Laguna Gloria on a 12-acre Austin land. The area provides perfect setting to bring the artist in you! The art school fosters the creative talent inherent in every individual. It spreads awareness among the masses to improve their technical skill by registering themselves at this art school. A top-notch standard of educational excellence is the feature of this school. You get tuition discounts as well as preferential registration facility i.e. either you can enroll online or collect registration forms in person. Thereafter, you can fax your registration.

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