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The Chelsea art museum, also home of the Miotte foundation, is completely dedicated to art exploration within a background. There are many exhibitions and programs reflecting contemporary human experiences on different culture, social, environmental and geographical context. The exhibitions held by Chelsea Art Museum are based on cultural heritage and educational programs. These programs are believed to inculcate creative sense and encourage culture exchange in both artists and visitors alike. According to the co-founder and the president Dorothea Keeser, the Chelsea Art Museum is a commitment to art as a living entity which reacts and interacts with us and changes the way we lead our daily life.

Based on an association of museums and visual arts institutions, both national and international, the Chelsea Art Museum presents important and unfamiliar features of 20th and 21st Century art. It especially focuses on artists who were less exposed in the United States than in their own countries.

The museum building stretched over a 30,000 sq foot modernized pattern of the historic building in the midst of Chelsea, a gateway for the introduction and integration of foreign cultures into New York.This location provided a strong representation of the museum’s mission of becoming a meeting point, a place for exhibitions and works from Europe, America and Asia.

Collection of the Museum

The permanent collection of the museum includes different European and abstract artists as Informel, including famous artists like Lakner, Kirkeby, Corpora, Miotte, Millares, Schumacher, Thieler, Santomaso, Vedova and Stöhrer. The collection also includes abstract artist’s works from America like La Noue, Francis, Mitchell, Riopelle, a huge selection of works by the Affichiste Rotella, Mimmo, and works by Debré, Jean Arp, Olivier Jean Fautrier and Ellen Levy. The collection of the Sculptors includes Pol Bury, Venet, Bernar Kanter, Jeff Beer, Zadkine and Johannsen. The collection also has an important selection of rare books and works on paper. Continuously enhancing the collection is an important priority for the Museum.

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