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Mint Art Museum

The Mint art museum is located in North Carolinaís Charlotte building. Itís the same building which had once housed the Charlotte Mint. The museum was opened on 22nd October 1936 as North Carolinaís first fine art museum.

Historical Perspective:

The Mint art museum served as the first regional branch of United States for mint coining $5 million gold from 1836 to the outbreak of civil war. The original building of Mint art museum was designed by William Strickland. The museum keeps on changing the permanent collections with its active schedule of changing exhibitions and education programs. The Mint art museum organizes major national and international exhibitions and hosts different public programs which include seminars, lectures, daily tours, family festivals, young and adult art classes. The major assets of the museum include one slide and videotape library, two research libraries, inter school programs and teacher training programs.

Museum Collections:

The museum in its artist collection includes more than 27,000 items and these items are its major assets in attracting visitors. One other branch of the museum is the Mint museum of craft and design. The museum in its permanent collection showcases modern-day studio craft and the museumís relation with the traditional decorative arts and industrial design. The museum in its vast collection of the metal, ceramics, fiber glass and wood showcases the varied techniques and art styles of the artists throughout the world. Because of its ever growing collection the museum has earned world wide recognition.

Present Scenario:

Today the museum is filled with rich and diverse resources and with many noted collections of American art, American and European ceramics, pre-Columbian art, historic costumes and accessories, American decorative arts, Asian art, African art, historic maps, modern-day art and photography. The museum remains open to common public on Tuesday, from 10am to 10 pm, Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and on Sunday from 12pm to 5 pm. Only on Monday and major holidays the museum remains closed.

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