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Orange County Museum of Art

The Orange County Museum of Art is situated in Orange County, southern California, United States. It is, in fact, the prime and leading ‘visual arts’ association in Orange County. The museum is the seat of different art collections from California that showcase masterpieces of twentieth century as well the contemporary and modern art. Indeed, it attracts millions of people annually from across the globe.

History of Orange County Museum of Art

Initially, the museum was established as the Laguna Beach Art Association in 1918. Slowly and gradually, the museum developed and extended its locations from Laguna Beach to Newport Beach to Costa Mesa. Finally, it got its present name as ‘Orange County Museum’ in 1996.

Attractions at Orange County Museum of Art

Very well known arts are displayed at this museum. Perhaps, this is the reason for the ‘still’ growing popularity of the Orange County Museum of Art. The attraction of the museum includes:

  • Surveys of Chris Burden (1988),
  • Surveys of Vija Celmins (1980),
  • Surveys of Tony Cragg (1990),

Other major exhibitions surrounding the works of Gunther Forg (1989), Lari Pittman (1983), Guillermo Kuitca (1992), Charles Ray (1990), Bill Viola (1997) and Inigo Manglano-Ovalle (2003) are also part of some of the best collections at this museum. Again, thematic exhibitions created by contemporary artists also form a major part of attractions of this museum. Some of the artwork includes:

  • Displayed in 1990, Objectives:The New Sculpture presented the masterpieces done by Robert Gober, Katharina Fritsch, Grenville Davey, Annette Lemieux, Juan Munoz, Jeff Koons, Julian Opie, and many more.

  • Exhibition displayed in 2003, Haim Steinbach to Girls’ Night Out presented exquisite collections by Rineke Dijkstra, Elina Brotherus, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Dorit Cypis, Katy Grannan, Sarah Jones, Kelly Nipper, Daniela Rossell, Shirana Shahbazi, and Salla Tykka.

Mission of the Orange County Museum of Art

The mission of the Orange County Museum of Art is to interpret contemporary art and culture to all people. It works on the conviction and belief that art exhibitions and programs should link history with contemporary. It should also serve to bridge regional and global culture. Inspiring the sense of inquiry, creativity and imagination with art lovers is the motto of Orange County Museum of Art.

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