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Oregon College of Art and Craft

The Oregon College of Art and Craft is a private and accredited craft college in Portland. It has facilities for classes meant for adults as well as children.

History of Oregon College of Art and Craft:

The Oregon College of Art and Craft was established by Julia Hoffman in 1907. It started under the name of the Arts and Craft Society and was started in order to educate the community on the value of arts and crafts in daily life. Some of the best educators and artwork of American Crafts were brought to the public through art classes, visiting artists, lectures and exhibitions. The classes were held in memberís houses in the beginning. In 1934 the Kramer Building situated in downtown Oregon was chosen as the permanent site for the institute. In 1952 the Arts and Crafts Society was merged with the Allied Art and the Metal Guild and shifted to a larger campus in Northwest Portland. The school of art and craft was renamed as Oregon School of Arts and Crafts in 1978. In 1989 the Oregon School of Art and Craft was accredited by the National Association of School of Art and Design and the school was declared as an independent institution.

On July 1st 1996, the school changed its status to that of a college and was renamed as the Oregon College of Art and Craft. The college received an award of distinction from the American Craft Council in 1997. The college celebrates the completion of 100 years in 2007.

Programs available at Oregon College of Art and Craft:

The college of art and craft in Oregon has programs in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Certificate Programs, Post Baccalaureate Program, Continuing Education Program, Teen Program, Childrenís Program and Artist-in-Residence Program.
Bachelor of Fine Arts programs has majors in Book Arts, Ceramics, Drawing, Fibers, Foundations, General Studies, Metals, Photography and Wood.
The certificate program has the same subjects as the Bachelorís degree program.
The Post Baccalaureate program is for undergraduate art students or those with a bachelorís degree and experience in studio art on a college level. It is a pre-graduate program which can also be taken as a part time course.
The continuing education course is for artists wanting a focused study course in craft media.
The teen program is a summer workshop program for high school teenagers. This course provides students with an in-depth study in fine art and craft.
The Childrenís program consists of camps and art adventures designed to guide children through art classes to improve their creative skills.
The Artist-in Residence program lasts for a semester and is for emerging artists. It offers summer residency for mid-career artists. The residencies are available in the same areas as the bachelorís and certificate degrees.

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