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Philadelphia Museum of Arts

Philadelphia Museum of Arts is one of the largest museums in the United States. It attracts visitors from the four corners of the world. It provides its guests with renowned collections, acclaimed special exhibitions and enriching programs. These visitors can gather information on all these, both in person as well as on its website. Located in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, at the west end of Benjamin Franklin Parkway, this museum was established in 1876. This museum was originally known as the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art. Headed under the director Anne’d Harnoncourt, this museum is a storehouse of knowledge.

Popularity of Philadelphia Museum of Arts

Philadelphia Museum of Arts is very famous around the word. It attracts thousands and lakhs of visitors every year. Indeed, its renowned exhibitions are the primary source of people coming over from every state and every country. The two most famous and largest exhibitions of Philadelphia Museum of Art are:

  • The 1996 Paul Cézanne exhibition.
  • The Salvador Dalí exhibition in 2005.

In fact every year, this museum showcases around twenty exhibitions, which are viewed by around eight to ten lakhs people. Besides, the museum is popularly known worldwide for:

  • Its collections of Pennsylvania German art,
  • The furniture and silver of eighteenth and nineteenth century created by Philadelphia and Pennsylvania craftsmen,
  • The museum also houses works by prominent Philadelphia artist Thomas Eakins. In fact, the most important collections in world are presented in this museum.

Education at Philadelphia Museum of Arts

This museum is well known for its well-conducted education programs. The basic mode of education is through ‘interpretation’. Teachers at the museum try to relate and communicate the motive of the museum, which is “preservation, study and display of the collections at museum and its commitment towards the needs and interests of a diverse audience”. Besides this primary requirement, the director has also taken pains to develop varied educational programs for children, families, adults, special target audience as well as teachers. These programs are nationally and internationally recognized.

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