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San Jose Museum of Art

San Jose Museum of Art is positioned in the center of downtown San Jose. It lies at the corner of the San Fernando and Market Streets. Indeed, St. Joseph’s Basilica, the Knight Ridder building, the Fairmont Hotel and Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park are all neighbors to San Jose Museum of Art. The museum of San Jose is totally committed to visual arts and culture in Silicon Valley. It is a contemporary art center that strives to provide artistic excellence.

Collections at San Jose museum of Art

The museum is home to numerous permanent collections from the 20th and 21st century artworks, which is estimated to be around 1,400. It includes works like sculpture, painting, new media, photography, prints, drawings and artistic books. These permanent collections are installed in different galleries of the museum. Occasionally, these collections are ministered in the entire exhibition. The museum also offers its public 24-hours access to its permanent collections as well to some of its recent accomplishments or acquired collections of artwork. These form the finest highlights of the museum. Perhaps, this is the reason that thousands of visitors are attracted to this museum almost every year.

Exhibitions of the Museum

The exhibitions of the museum range from modern masterpieces to the newest artworks. Besides organizing educational classes, San Jose Museum of Art is praised as being the largest visual education provider in the Santa Clara County. Indeed, it is termed as the ‘museum of the future’. Some of the popular exhibitions of the museum include:

  • Il Lee: Ballpoint Abstractions
  • Jess: To and From the Printed Page
  • Architectural Drawings and Photographs from the L.J. Cella Collection
  • Listening Post

Events at the Museum

Some of the common and popular events of the museum are:

  • Family Art making Sundays
  • One Night Semi Exhibitions
  • Art Lectures
  • Art Making Workshop with Camille Rose Garcia
  • Kids Summer Camp

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