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About Seattle Art Museum

Situated at 1300 1st Avenue Seattle, WA, Seattle Art Museum offers everything from wall texts to audio guides to computer screens and public programs to its visitors. It is a well-known museum of the world and attracts around thousands of visitors every year. With its magnificent collection of work of art, it strives to provide in depth knowledge on art, history and culture to all its people coming down from all the four corners of the world. In fact, it provides manifold means and different views to bring works of art to life.

Visiting the Museum

It remains open from Tuesday–Sunday from morning 10 a.m. till evening 5 p.m.; and on Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. till late 9 at night. You can purchase the entry tickets from the office of the museum itself. Moreover, on the first Thursday of each month, the admission to the museum is free for every individual. The first Friday of every month is free for seniors i.e. 62 years of age or above. And the admission is free for teens up to 19 years of age from 5–9 p.m. on the second Friday of each month. But the student must carry his or her identity card for entering the museum.

Collections of the Museum

The Seattle Art Museum presents online collection called the ‘close ups’, which presents images, texts, audio and video. This is, indeed, collection of around hundred works of art. This forms the part of permanent collection of the museum. Some of the famous collections of the Seattle Art Museum are:

  • Audience of a Prince by Workshop of Judocus de Vos, commissioned in 1717
  • Anooralya (Wild Yam Dreaming) by Emily Kame Kngwarreye in 1995
  • Amor Carita by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1898
  • Akbar on horseback receiving homage—an Islamic Indian Mughal of 17th century
  • A Feast by Li Jin in 2001
  • A Country Home by Frederic Edwin Church in 1854
  • Blocks by Annie Mae Young in 2003
  • Cylinder vase depicting scribes in the Underworld by Maya in ca. 600-900
  • Connecting (Tsunagari) by Chikuunsai IV (Takeo Tanabe) in 2004
  • Dr. Silvester Gardiner, probably 1772 by John Singleton Copley in ca. 1772

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