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The Studio Incamminati was founded to satisfy the demands of art students to learn about aesthetic and philosophical principles of human realism.

The Studio Incamminati was based on the lines of traditional Italian Accademia and French ateliers. The Studio Incamminati was founded by Nelson Shanks who is a world renowned painter, art historian, art teacher, connoisseur and collector. Nelson Shanks started Studio Incamminati along with his wife Leona Shanks. It was established as place for artists to devote time to painting and gather other necessary skills. The studio is situated in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania on 340 North 12th Street. Studio Incamminati accepts applications from all those who aim to inspire others through their own art and teachings. Potential candidates are interviewed before being accepted in the studio. There is a competitive program available at Studio Incamminati which is based mainly on artistic value as decided by a portfolio review and application.

Programs at Studio Incamminati:

The programs at Studio Incamminati are very flexible. Programs range from Professional to Portfolio offerings. Artists of all levels of ability can find programs suited to their needs at Studio Incamminati. Workshops at Studio Incamminati are held throughout the year to enable artists to improve their knowledge. The in-house programs make full use of the studios to offer instruction. Most of the programs use one or more professional models for their sessions. The programs at Studio Incamminati are designed to meet individual needs and help the students in their professional lives. The techniques used in drawing and painting are the basis for creative expression and visual communication. A program involves four years of study.

The Studio Incamminati provides students with rigorous instructions in seeing, drawing and painting. The students at Studio Incamminati build firm foundations in drawing and painting through extremely concentrated studies. The instructors at Studio Incamminati are personally selected by Nelson Shanks. The instructors develop incomparable capacities to display and explain concepts and techniques along with skill.

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