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Tucson Museum of Art

The Tucson Museum of Art is located in Tucson, Arizona.

Background of the Tucson Museum of Art:

The Tucson Museum of Art was started as the Tucson Fine Arts Association in 1924. The museum was housed in the Kingan House in the El Presidio Historic District on Franklin Street. The Fine arts association was renamed as Tucson Art Center in 1954 in order to establish their mission of exhibition and education. In 1975 the location of the Tucson Art Center was shifted to its present location. The Art Center became the owner of five historic properties. The name of the Tucson Art Center was change to Tucson Museum of Art. At present, the Tucson Museum of Art comprises an entire block in the city. The Tucson Museum of Art provides the city and its surrounding regions with access to arts for enriching daily life.

Collections at the Tucson Museum of Art:

The collection at the Tucson Museum of Art has more than 7,000 articles. The Art of the American West Collection includes works by Oscar Berninghsssaus, Eanger I. Couse and Nicolai Fechin. The Art of the Americas collection has pre-Columbian works such as “Stela” of Central Mexico and retablos and folk art of the colonial and post-colonial times of Spain. The Modern End Contemporary collection includes works by Chuck Close, Marsden Hartley and Max Weber. Four private collections have been acquired by the Tucson Museum of Art; the Frederick Pleasants Collection of pre-Columbian Art, the Lawrence and Agnes Heller collection of American and other 20th century Modern Art, the Ilene and Samuel Campbell Collection of Art of the American West and the Small Collection of Contemporary Art. These private collections have enhanced the existing collections at the Tucson Museum of Art.

The mission of the Tucson Museum of Art is to connect art to life, inspiring discovery, creativity and cultural understanding through meaningful and engaging experiences.

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