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Information on Worcester Art Museum

The Worcester Art Museum is highly praised for its top-notch collections gathered from the treasure of the renowned artists. If you happen to see it for even once, the memories will definitely remain fresh and evergreen for your entire lifetime. The storage and organization of the collection is based on geography and locations for easy access. However, the Western art, prints, drawings and photographs are set according to the medium. The contemporary art is arranged based on media.

History of the Worcester Art Museum

The history of development of the Worcester Art Museum is quite long and interesting. History bears testimony to the fact that the spring of 1898 was the first time when the museum opened for the general public. Stephen Salisbury III founded the institution of the museum. His main motive behind the inauguration of the museum was ‘for the benefit of all the people’.

The museum showcases around fifty years of creative and innovative spirit. It is home to nearly thirty five thousand works of famous and eminent artists of the world. There are, indeed, 35 galleries in the museum that stores finest collections of the globe.

Collections of the Museum

There is a huge collection of sculptures and decorative art from ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece. There is, in fact, the finest and largest group of Antiochin mosaics in America, which is displayed in the Renaissance Court. Romanesque Chapter House of the museum is among the first medieval structures that were shipped to the New World. There are adjoining galleries that are storehouses of collection of paintings, frescoes and liturgical objects from Europe. There are also:

  • Masterpieces of Italian, French, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch and British paintings.
  • Important works by Cezanne, Gauguin, Piero de Cosimo, Andrea del Sarto, El Greco, Hals, Gainsborough, Goya, and many more.
  • Exquisite collection of gold work, pottery and sculpture from the Pre Columbian America.

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