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An abstract art is that type of art that does not depict the objects of the natural world. The abstract art uses the color and art form in a non representational manner. During the 20th century the term abstract art was used to describe two art types the futurist and the cubist art.

The term abstract canvas suggests an art canvas that depicts some strange objects and not the objects from real world. The art depicted are the non objective art types. Abstract canvas also includes calligraphy art since calligraphy is also a form of non figurative art. The pattern of abstract art is different to that of other art types. Different abstract art types can be projected on abstract canvas the geometric abstract art is one such type. There are many artists such as Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, and Hans Hofmann whose work has revolved around different phases of abstract art.

There are many art galleries that produce many types of abstract art. An abstract art can include portrait painting, oil paintings, leaf paintings, hand painted leaf paintings, reproduction paintings and paintings of several other types.

Like any normal art style an abstract art canvas is also first stretched along a stretcher and then primed for producing quality work. The canvas is coated with a flexible chalk gesso before painting. Though coating of canvas before painting is a traditional style followed till today there are many modern abstract expressionists who painted on raw canvas also. An abstract art can be produced on canvas made of different fabrics like the linen canvas and cotton canvas.

There are many famous art galleries that display abstract canvas artworks of different moods. In the modern abstract canvas art, the technique applied is different to that of the traditional style. In the modern style of painting the artist uses fully both the texture and the paint.

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