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Art on Canvas

When we use the term canvas the concept of art flashes in front of our eyes and the two words are so associated with each other that the word art rewinds of canvas and the term canvas rewinds of art.

Canvas is the most important medium of painting that too for oil and watercolor painting. Before painting on canvas the canvas is first stretched out across a wooden frame called as stretcher. The canvas is coated with gesso before actually painting on it. One of the earliest canvas art still surviving is the French work named as Madonna with Angels.

Before doing any kind of art on canvas it is first stretched across a wooden frame called as stretcher. Many great art works have been done on canvas. Canvas is largely used even by contemporary artists such as Jackson Pollock, Kenneth Noland, Francis Bacon, Helen Frankenthaler, Dan Christensen, Larry Zox, Ronnie Landfield. The medium has been traditionally used as important painting medium.

The canvas used for early artworks were made of linen but nowadays the cotton canvas is frequently available. To project any kind of artwork on a canvas it is required to be very sturdy so that it could bear with the painting.

Some famous works of art on canvas are listed below:

Starry Night: Starry night was a great canvas work by Vincent Van Gogh.
Persistence of Memory: Persistence of Memory was another great art on canvas done by the great artist Salvador Dali.
Guernica: Guernica was a great work on canvas by the great artist Pablo Picasso.
Sunflowers: Sunflowers is another great canvas art by Picasso. It was a series of work all projected on canvas.

Most paintings are done on canvases since a canvas is sturdier and more reliable for better painting production. A painting is more nicely depicted on a canvas than a paper due to its high quality and sturdiness.

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