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Awning Canvas

Awnings are the secondary covering often attached to a buildings exterior wall. Awnings are often made with canvas or acrylic cloth. Awnings are stretched tightly over different structures of aluminum, iron, steel and sometimes even wood. Awning canvas are often located above a window, a door sometimes even along the sidewalk area. Awnings are often provided of some columns this makes it extend all along beginning from a building to the entryway. Awnings are commonly associated with the entrance of hotels and restaurants. Often restaurants occupy a substantial outer space for outdoor dining, parties and receptions. Awning canvas of hotels and restaurants are often painted with information related to the restaurant like name, address and name of the business.

Historical Perspective of Awning Canvas:

Awnings were first used by the ancient Syrian and Egyptian civilization. The awning canvas that is used for shading market stalls and homes are described as 'woven mats'.

Use of awnings was also common in the roman culture.In America awning canvas became popular during the first half of the 19th century. On those days the awnings often consist of timber or cast iron posts set along the sidewalk edge and linked by a front cross bar. After the civil war awnings were popularly used.

Types of Awning Canvas:

Some common materials used for making awnings are corrugated fiberglass, aluminium, corrugated polycarbonate and different other materials instead of fabric. Unlike fabric all these materials are highly durable and do not easily destroy in bad weather. There are retractable awnings which are very popular with the property owners. Retractable awnings have certain varieties such as, portable retractable awnings, lateral arm type awnings, Side Arm Type, Tension Shade and some other types. Some other types of awnings are like cool awnings, window door patio awnings, valley canvas awnings. There are classic designed awning canvas for doors, windows and patio.

Awnings offer protection from dust and bad weather. Awnings found in the contemporary market are visor window awning, elite canvas door awnings, valiant canvas awnings, bay canvas awnings, waterfront canvas awnings and awnings of different other types.

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