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Blank canvas is a full length studio album created by the Norwegian band. It was the eleventh full length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho. The band was after a big time leap when the long time drummer Hakon Gebhardt left the band in 2005's spring. After Hakon Gebhardt left the band, the other two members, Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Saether decided to carry on the band for future. Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Saether recorded their new album in The Void studio in Eindho along with producer and engineer of the recording studio and with the long time live sound technician Pieter Kloss and producer and their third double album.

Blank canvas was released on 17th March, 2006. After immediately its release the album went for a European tour in spring. There the Blank canvas band was joined by the Jacco van Rooij as another drummer. Yvind Brandtsegg also joined the band group.

Blank canvas released its first song from the album "In our Tree". This song was first premiered on Norwegian TV station NRK. It was broadcast during the program "Lydverket"; it later appeared in full version the P3 radio station. During the last week of February 2006, black hole canvas was leaked. After its release the album was a huge success it was received very well by critics and fans. The famous tracks released by this album were like

  • No Evil
  • In Our Tree
  • Coalmine Pony
  • Kill Devil Hills
  • Critical Mass
  • The 29th Bulletin
  • Devil Dog
  • Triggerman

All above numbers were released in the first CD of the album. In the second CD following super hit tracks were released.

  • Hyena
  • Sancho Says
  • Sail On
  • The Ace
  • L.T.E.C.
  • You Lose
  • Before The Flood
  • Fury on Earth

The cover of the album was created by Kim Hiorthy. Blank canvas was a huge hit because of its mesmerizing numbers as well as the music.

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