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Box Canvas

Box canvas refers to that type of canvas which is depicted in a box shaped canvas or a square canvas. Almost all type of pictures, images or illustrations are painted in a box canvas.

There are many art galleries that sell different images illustrated in a square box canvas. Though there are many such galleries with extensive collection of images and illustrations only few are discussed below:

  • Box Canvas Gallery: The box canvas gallery is known for selling beautiful quality hand painted box art all created by artist Caroline Kemp. The gallery in its collection includes different illustrations such as nudes, landscapes, abstract art works contemporary abstract works and different other quality art styles.

  • Rachel Mcnaughton: The gallery holds a good collection of images created by Rachel Mcnaughton herself. Each of the art works in the gallery is created in about 4cm deep box canvasses. The pictures are sold at a standard price. The canvases on which the paintings are depicted are created in such a way that they require no framing as the image extends around the canvas edge.

  • Fabio Cannavaro Signed Box Canvas: The Fabio Cannavaro signed box canvas is available in large collections all the canvasses collected here are around 16 inches x 12 inches. All dedicated to a special singing session held in Madrid on 19th February 2006. The canvasses feature an image of Fabio signing the canvas.

  • Juliabailey: The Juliabailey box canvas gallery holds images divided in three different categories such as:

  • Originals: The galleries original collection includes images more unusual one-off original paintings, and framed pieces.

  • Retro Collection: The retro collection of the gallery is found inspired by very vibrant art patterns. The colors of these paintings resemble to that of sixties and seventies.

  • Japanese Collection: Among its Japanese collection, the gallery includes prints all based on traditional and oriental drawings. The drawings are as such that they appear perfect for a Feng Sui home.

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