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An art gallery is a place used for exhibition of different art types, often visual art and paintings. It also shows sculpture, illustrations, photographs and some applied art objects. All over the world there are millions of canvas art galleries with great masterpieces. Though there are many canvas art gallery located all over the world only few are discussed in this article:

Victoria BC Canvas Art Gallery:

The Victoria BC Canvas Art Gallery is located in the old town of Victoria. It is situated in a beautiful heritage building. The artwork kept in the gallery is highly inspirational to the visitors from all over the world. The gallery is owned by Karen Cooper which represents artworks of varied groups of local artists. The canvas art gallery remains open all through the day except on Mondays. On Tuesday to Saturday the gallery can be visited from 11:00am to 5:00 pm, whereas on Sunday it is open from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.

San Francisco Canvas Gallery:

The San Francisco canvas art gallery is well known for keeping creation by local and emerging artists. The artworks displayed by the canvas art gallery are often of progressive nature. The artworks are displayed in a cafe lounge setting. The artworks created by local artists focus mainly on traditional painting, photography along with mixed media installation and design.

Dallas Canvas Art gallery:

The Dallas canvas art gallery recently opened on 11th may 2007. The gallery features great collection of mixed media masterpieces by great artist Howard Weliver. There are several branches of Dallas canvas art gallery. Last year on 16th September 2006 the Dallas canvas art gallery opened its door to common public hosting the annual Erotic art show from 6 pm to 9pm.

National Gallery, London:

The national gallery of London founded in the year 1824 has a rich collection of more than 2,300 canvas works. The paintings span from mid 13th century to 1900. Some treasured collection of this art gallery includes the baptism Christ, the Amolfini portrait, Venus and mars and a lot more.

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