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Canvas Backpack

A backpack is a cloth sack carried on one's back. Backpacks are often provided with two straps that go over the shoulders. Backpacks are often preferred for carrying heavy loads for long periods of time. Backpacks are made of different fabrics. Some are made of pure cotton while others are made of linen fabrics. A backpack made of canvas is sturdier for loading and also has longer durability. A canvas backpack can carry heavier loads than those of light weight fabrics. Backpacks are also known as "packs".

Canvas Backpack Design:

Canvas backpacks are often divided into three different categories: frameless, external frame and internal frame. Often canvas backpacks are provided with a buckle or a zipper. Canvas backpacks are also used for general transportation of goods. Usually, canvas backpacks are designed very simply but some are also designed in a sophisticated manner.

Canvas Backpack Uses:

Primarily, canvas backpacks are used for transportation of materials from one place to another. Sometimes they are also used for carrying educational materials. Such bags are called book bags. Some canvas backpacks are also used for carrying certain items such as laptop computers, cameras, taking things for excursions and different other uses. Canvas backpacks have also been used for professional purposes. They are frequently used by soldiers for carrying equipments such as infantry. Sometimes they are also used as luggage, especially, as carry-on-bags for airplane travel. They are also used by the trekkers. Other than these uses, canvas backpacks are also used in different sports activities like the Hydration packs, sometimes used by runners and bicyclists.

Canvas Backpack Types:

Canvas backpack designed for outdoor activities is one common type. These types of backpacks are the most complex than backpacks designed for most other purpose. The backpacks designed for outdoor activities such as rock climbing, cross country skiing, kayaking or canoeing and mountaineering are heavier and have more typical use. Some common types of canvas backpacks are duffel bags, messenger bags, satchel bags and suitcases. These bags are also made of several other fabrics such as ripstop, nylon, cordura and other fabrics.

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