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Canvas Frame

A canvas frame is an edge that fixes around a piece of painting. Usually the canvas frames are made of wood. Some frames are highly decorative while there are others which are simply created. Traditionally only wooden canvas frame were use to fix a painting within but with the good availability of different other materials, canvas frames are also created by using many other types of metals and resources such as iron, bronze, plastic, gold, silver and other precious and semi precious materials.

Canvas frames of different styles could easily be seen in art galleries where different nicely framed paintings are often seen. Framing is often done by some skilled artists but it is not always necessary that only a professional can frame a canvas you also can frame your painting by learning some easy steps of framing a canvas.

If you want to frame your painting do not remove the canvas from the stretchers after painting on it. On the edge of the stretched canvas add the frame the way it is added on the canvas board. If your canvas stretcher gets folded somehow, you can remove the finished painting and create it again this time use either a new stretcher or any other rigid support.

Now begin the work of framing. To frame the canvas need not to apply any special skill simply slip the painting from the back into your selected frame. You can add a piece of paper in the frame before actually putting the painting into it so that while you put the canvas into it, the paper already stuck in the frame can tidy up the canvas back as well as stop dust accumulating in it. The depth of the canvas should match the thickness of the painting. If your selected frame is not as deep as the canvas, then while looking from the side you'll see part of the canvas' edge.

You can also use clips for attaching the canvas more firmly with the frame. The selection of the frame depends on your aesthetic sense a lot and on the nature and quality of your pain6ting. You can use a float canvas frame or an L shaped canvas frame for your painting.

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