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Canvas Gazebo

A canvas gazebo is a stylized outer covering often placed in big lawn and gardens. Often a canvas material is used for making canvas gazebo. Some gazebos are also made of acrylic cloth. Different colored decorated and undecorated materials are often stretched over iron, steel or aluminum structures. Unlike canvas canopies gazebos are not placed on the sides of buildings, windows, doors or above the sidewalk area. It is always seen in the center portion of a beautifully backyard or front yard. Some commercial buildings like hotel and restaurants use the canvas gazebo in their garden area often for outdoor parties, dining or reception. Some hotels and restaurants prefer to paint the gazebo with their names and business while there are others who only use the printed, plain and different other beautifully designed gazebos making your party a sweet memorable event.

Canvas Gazebo, Historical Perspective:

Historically the use of canvas gazebo was traced with the use of canvas canopy by the Syrian and Egyptian civilization but that was not the form of gazebo. They were very simple in appearance and use to be called as "woven mats" used for shading market stalls and homes. Roman and American cultures also witnessed the use of canopy. Actually the gazebo is the modified form of canopies and awnings.

Modern Canvas Gazebo:

Contemporary canvas gazebos are manufactured by many different companies. According to their uses, they are shaped and decorated differently. There are some canvas gazebos which are made of pure cotton fabrics with expensive decorative pieces such gazebos are very expensive and are not supposed to be used in rainy seasons as after a series of dampness the cotton or the satin fabric can shrink and ultimately damage. Some common types of fashionable canvas gazebos include double roofed gazebo, metal to gazebo, thatch roof gazebo, straw roof gazebo, single roof gazebo, folding tent type gazebo, Bradbury canvas gazebo and different other highly d4ecorated canvas gazebo materials.

Canvas Gazebo Types:
There are different types of canvas gazebo some are made of aluminium, corrugated fiberglass, corrugated polycarbonate and different other materials instead of fabric. Often the gazebo made of these materials are highly durable and do not easily destroy even if exposed to bad weather for long times.

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