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Canvas Oil Painting

A painting is a style of applying colors on the surface. The surface of painting depends on the artists' preference of the material it could be a piece of paper, wood, glass, lacquer or the most conventional support, canvas.

Traditionally linen canvas was used or painting but due to its high price it was only affordable by professional painters. Hence the less expensive cotton fabric became very popular due to its cheap price and easy availability. For doing canvas oil painting the artists first stretches the canvas around the stretcher then the canvas is primed with some coatings like the gesso and synthetic latex. Canvas oil painting sizes was set in France during the 19th century. This set standard was followed by many artists all over the world.

The process of oil painting varies from artist to artist but there are some common steps which are followed by almost all.

Oil Painting Process:

Firstly, the artist prepares the surface of the canvas by coating with different mediums. Secondly, some artists sketch the outline of their subject while there are others who simply start the entire painting process by simple brushstrokes.

Most artists paint in layers, where the first layer is laid down first, this layer is then painted normally with turpentine thinned paint. This layer is provided for toning the canvas by covering the white gesso. Some artists also use this layer to sketch out the composition. This layer is adjusted differently before progressing the painting. After the layer dries completely the artist progresses further toward his painting. Another layer of color is again applied when the second layer also fully dries the artist applies a thin, transparent layer referred as glaze to the painting to seal the surface. This technique of painting has been adapted traditionally by many artists though at present times the process has changed a little. Now many modern techniques have been introduced by the artists in their painting. Though there are thousands of skilled painters who created many canvas oil paintings only few are listed below:

  • Pacita Abad (1946-2004)
  • Herb Aach (1923-1985)
  • Hans von Aachen (1552-1615)
  • Riza Abbasi (1565-1635)
  • Giuseppe Abbati (1836-1868)
  • Josef Abel (1768-1818)
  • Philip Absolon (1960- )
  • Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911)

Again there are hoards of great canvas oil paintings created by artists all over the world like Starry Night created by Vincent Van Gogh, Persistence of Memory created by Salvador Dali, sunflower painting created Vincent Van Gogh.

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