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Canvas paper is a special type of paper especially designed for inkjet printers. In an image editing or in a paint program, a canvas is a window where pictures are created or edited It is the on-screen version of the cloth canvas used by artists while painting. A canvas paper is especially called as inkjet paper. Canvas papers are typically assorted by weight, smoothness, brightness and some other times canvas papers are also determined by their opacity. Canvas paper is often required for inkjet printing. Inkjet printing requires the paper to be appropriate for the proper amount of absorbency to absorb the ink preventing it to flow other sides. The proper weight of the paper inserted in an inkjet printer is around 21 to 27 lb (80-100 g/mē) making it accurate for inkjet.

Canvas papers are appropriate for text printing since the weight of the ink used for printing is light. For an inkjet canvas paper the printer should be adjusted in such a manner that the proper ink amount is delivered, matching the paper quality. Such papers are not suitable for photographic works. One variety of canvas paper called as photo paper is an inkjet paper designed specifically for reproduction of photographs.

An image printed on an inkjet paper depends a lot on the quality of the inkjet papers. For printing monochrome photographs, traditional silver-based papers are felt widely to bring some improvement over inkjet prints. One other variety of canvas paper called as photo paper is divided into three parts the glossy, silk or semi-matte and matte finishes.

The glossy canvass papers are very shining and give the photos an immaculate appearance. On the other hand the Matte photo papers are less shiny than glossy paper. The thickness of a canvas paper varies widely. Light weight canvas paper is used for different printing types. For doing quality works the photo papers are required to be thicker with higher quality coatings with quick drying properties. On good quality canvas papers the printing is done only to that side which has some special coating. Only few canvas papers are commercially available having the capacity of printing at both the sides.

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