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A canvas poster is a large printed paper piece designed for attaching on a wall or over any vertical surface. A canvas poster includes both textual and graphic elements. There are some posters which are created either completely graphical or purely textual. Like other posters canvas posters are also designed vibrant and information conveying. Nowadays canvas posters are used for different purposes they are frequently used for different commercial purposes also.

Canvas posters are also used for reproduction of various artworks. Many famous works have been created on canvas posters. Some posters are also used for certain educational purposes such types of posters are called as educational canvas posers. Unlike usual poster size the size of a canvas poster differs on the basis of requirement. Canvas posters are usually printed by computers. At commercial level the most conventional use of a canvas poster is by entertainment industry.

Canvas posters are often designed by computers by applying a special feature called as tiled printing. Tiled printing is a feature of many computer programs that enables them to print images larger than a standard page. This program works in a grid method applied on the printed image in which each cell (or tile) is the size of a printed page and then prints each tile. The modern printing style has developed extensively which allows the inkjet printers to make tiled printouts of posters without destroying the original image resolution.

There are many famous canvas poster artists such as Giotto di Bondone, Fra Angelico, Jan Van Eyck, Paolo Uccello, Albrecht Dürer, Hieronymus Bosch, Hans Holbein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli and many others who created many authentic artworks. According to modern technology prints are professionally transferred onto canvas and stretched on an inner wooden frame, to replicate the beauty of an original painting.

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