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Canvas printers have nice printing capacity of printing quality color gamut. Often the inkjet printers are used for canvas printing. The quality of ink used by canvas printers cannot change the color of the printing and the printing is also opaque. The inkjet printers produce different colors by varying the size and numbers of colored dots against the print media background. The inks used in canvas printers are often opaque and the dots are not placed over each other hence the dithering is used for creating effect of solid colors. The dye sublimation printers used for canvas printing change the temperature of the thermal.

Elements at different levels in the print heads. A dye sublimation printer that has the capacity of heating thermal elements to 256 different levels produces around 256 different shades of color. The prints that come out from a dye-sublimation printer look similar to those developed from a photochemical lab.

There are several advantages of inkjet printing. Firstly the prints used are dry and can be handled immediately after coming out of the printer. As the dye never enters a liquid phase, the complete printing process is all clean. Due to these factors the dye sublimation is usually considered as a best printing technology over inkjet printing.

Compared to inkjet printers, there are certain drawbacks in the in the dye sublimation printers. In the dye sublimation printers every colored panels of the ribbon and the thermal head needs to fit the thermal head and the colored panels of the ribbons. The amount of the dye wasted in this printer is also high nearly around 95%. If the panel is used even for printing just a single line the remaining dye of the panel cannot be used again.

The printers are also required to be free of dust particles, which can lead to small colored blots appearing on the prints. Often dye-sublimation printers have filters to avoid this.

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