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A canvas tarp is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water resistant or even waterproof material. Canvas tarp is often made of is also a polyester cloth having a plastic coating such as latex or PVC. The canvas tarp is often provided of some high resistant cringles at the corner position and at the sides. The canvas tarps today are often made from woven polyethylene; this material is so associated with tarps that it has become known as polytarp.

The word tarpaulin is a congregate of two words tar and palling. The tarp canvas is often used to cover shipping objects. Due to the close proximity of the two words the sailors became known as tarpaulins or tars. Canvas tarp has its multiple uses. It is used as a shelter from the outside environment i.e. rain, wind or sunlight. The drop sheet of the tarp canvas is especially used for painting and covering objects such as vehicles or wooden piles. Sometimes canvas tarp is also used by the stalls in footpaths providing protection from outside elements of nature.

Canvas tarp is found in different types. Some tarps are made of polytarp though it is not the traditional fabric and is a mixture of woven and sheet materials. Other type of tarp is the perforated PVC tarp. The canvas tarps are found in different fabric materials there are 100% cotton canvas tarps available in different weights and colors. Canvas tarps have long lasting capacity than tarps made of other materials. Colorful canvas tarps are also available frequently in market. Canvas tarps have best protective capacity they re frequently used as tenting in the beaches and during picnics. They are also used for covering bags baggages in long journeys. They are also used for temporary housing. The canopy of canvas tarp is often used by the trekkers for temporary tenting. Modern canvas tarps are made both water resistant and flame retardant.

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