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Canvas Tent

A tent is a shelter made of different fabric material. Tents are often draped over or are attached with a frame of poles or ropes. Canvas tents are also created like any normal fabric tents. There are some canvas tents having free standing, while there are others which are attached to the ground by means of ropes.

Canvas Tent, Historical Perspective:

Previously tents were often used by nomadic people although the fabric material was not that developed like the modern fabric materials. It was also used by the ancient Native American population and by the Bedouins. Since their inception tents differ in their size according to their utility. Since the early years armies all over the world have used tents since long as part of their working life.

Canvas Tent, Present Development:

In present scenario the most frequent application of a tent is, used as recreational part. Usually modern tents are made of some fire-retardant material. Modern tents range in size beginning from tents designed for only one person to huge circus tents capable of making many people to shelter at a time.

Usually heavier tents are like the tents for recreational activities are often transported by big cars. Since the smaller tents are lighter in weight, they are transported on a person's back, on a touring bicycle, a boat, or even loaded on animal back. Many countries use canvas tents as temporary housing while fighting in field. Modern tents are of different types such as Single skin, Single skin with flysheet, Double skin and several other types.

Canvas Tent, Designing:

The designing of tents depend on many factors among these the first and the foremost is the financial cost, next is the purpose or the use the weight and size of a tent frequently differs depending on when and where to use. A tent used by the trekkers is light in weight than those used for recreational activities. A tent required for using in summer differs from that used in chilling winters. Again the height and size of tents also differs depending on the person or group who is going to use. The designing factor of a canvas tent or tent made of other fabric material is also affected by the number of sleeping areas, tent color, setup effort and certain other grounds.

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