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Cotton Canvas

A canvas is a plain woven fabric usually taken in use for making sails, tents, backpacks and many other functions especially to those places where sturdiness is often required. Most Modern canvas is usually made of cotton. Cotton canvas differs from other heavy weight fabrics like the denims. Cotton canvas is often plain weave and not twill weave like other fabric materials. A canvas is divided in two basic types these are plain and duck. Duck canvas is often the cotton canvas. The threads of cotton canvas are more tightly woven.

In United States a canvas is marked in two ways by weight and by number. A less numbered canvas weighs less than a high number canvas so; number 10 canvas will be lighter than number 4.

Early canvasses were usually made of linen. Linen canvas was only suitable for oil painting. During the early 20th century, cotton canvas came into use. Those days they were usually called as 'cotton duck'. Cotton canvas stretches properly along the canvas stretcher. Such canvasses has even mechanical weave they are also very economical.

The advent of acrylic paint increased the popularity of cotton duck canvas. Cotton canvas is best suited for painting.

Modern cotton canvases are available in small sizes. Such canvas is glued to a cardboard backing. These are available in small sizes and are usually not acid free. Like other canvas types a cotton canvas is also primed before painting. Cotton canvas can also be printed digitally to create canvas prints.

Cotton canvas is often used for making handbags, backpacks, shoes and different other items. There are many industries which produce different items made of cotton canvas. The items produced by these companies are often sold to merchandise level. Before painting a cotton canvas is primed first so as to prevent the canvas as well as the painting from decaying.

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