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Digital Canvas

A digital canvas is a web application platform that is used by the users to create and edit multi media flash presentations like a flimp by dragging and dropping contents elements into a presentation by using a web browser.

Multimedia is a type of digital presentation that used different forms of information content or information processing. This type of digital presentation is done to inform or entertain the audience. The term multimedia is used for rich media where a piece of information can be represented through graphics, audio, image, video and animation. Digital canvas is also used for flash presentation or technological presentations such as adobe flash, flash memory, flash lamp and others.

A digital canvas is used for creating different digital paintings where different traditional painting techniques like oils, watercolor, impasto are applied. These paintings are only done by using digital tools such as computer, digitizing tablet, stylus and software. A painting done on a digital canvas differs from traditional painting. The main difference lies in the non linear process. A digital painting is also different in the manner it takes use of the techniques and the surface on which the painting is done.

Open Canvas:Open canvas is also called as oC. It is an art program used in the Microsoft windows. It is most popular among the Japanese digital artists. Japanese digital artists is more popular for using unique blending style, especially for applying a cross style between Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

The common tools used in a digital canvas art work are like a virtual palette consisting of millions of colors, almost any size canvas or media, the ability to take back mistakes, pencils, erasures, combs, spray cans, brushes, and may other tools of 2D and 3D effect.

A digital painting flourishes in production art. It is widely used for film, television and video games. The common software used in a digital painting are Corel painter, adobe photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, ArtRage, Project Dogwaffle, GIMP and certain other softwares.

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