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Fredrix Canvas

A canvas is a heavy fabric piece. Because of its rigidity and heaviness it is taken in use for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and different other things but the most popular use of this sturdy fabric is for painting surface.

Historical Glance on Fredrix Canvas:

The Fredrix artist canvas manufacturing company has been involved in the business of producing canvas since the year 1868. The company has been found in 1868 by E.H.Friedrichs. During the beginning phase of his business he spent much of his time on coaches of trains promoting his business. The company since the day of its inception has been manufacturing different types of Fredrix canvas products though the art of manufacturing artist canvas has changed since the 1800s. The product made by the company today is very similar to those produced over 130 years ago. The name of the producing company and the produced products has also changed.

Fredrix Canvas, Present Business:

The Fredrix Canvas manufacturing company produces quality and broadcast range of artist canvas. Fredrix canvas in different range are available almost everywhere. This manufacturing company also offers its service through online medium. It produces canvas of different types with different selling names. The range of items sold by the company includes Fredrix red label canvas which includes Stretched Cotton Canvas Acrylic titanium primed for oil or acrylic painting, including convenient pad of real artist canvas available in a variety of sizes. There are pre stretched watercolor artist canvases, Fredrix canvas panels, roll canvas, canvas accessories and different other materials.

The company still provides good selection of different canvas products like the machine primed Fredrix canvas with natural glue sizing and oil based ground. Along with manufacturing canvasses of different types the company also provides basic ideas of how to use Fredrix canvas in your sweet small room. Explore that secluded corner of your drawing room and turn it into a conversation piece with Fredrix Corner Canvas. Corner Canvas is also great for achieving a dramatic floating effect in your room. Double Primed Acrylic canvas is great for oils, acrylics and alkyds.

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