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The term boat canvas refers to that work which is concerned with design and production of functional canvas products especially for sail and motor boats.

A canvas is a plain woven fabric which is used for making tents of large canvas, sails, marquees, backpacks and several other functions. Apart from these uses the most conventional use of a canvas is that it is used popularly used as a painting surface. The word canvas has been derived from the Arabic word cannabis which was often used for making canvas.

Whether big or small the canvas is usually made of cotton. The cotton canvas is not like other cotton fabrics. Canvas is often plain weave and is available in two basic shapes such as duck and plain. The threads of duck canvas are often tightly woven. The large canvas in U.S.A is graded by applying two different ways by number and by weight.

Both large canvas and small canvas is used for painting. It is the most conventional medium of oil painting. The most traditional oil canvas work which is still surviving is the French work Madonna with angels. Before doing painting on canvas it is first stretched across a wooden frame called a stretcher and before painting, it is coated with gesso. This is done to prevent the oil painting from directly coming to the canvas fibers, which causes decay to the canvas. Before painting primers are applied on canvas. Different types of primers are available in market. The most popular of the canvas type is the synthetic latex paint. But not always primer is applied on canvas there are many contemporary artists such as Kenneth Noland, Helen Frankenthaler, Jackson Pollock, Francis Bacon, Dan Christensen, Ronnie Landfield, Larry Zox, Color Field painters, Lyrical Abstractionists, and many others sometimes painted on the uncoated canvas.

The early canvas was often made of linen and only large canvas sizes were available. Such canvasses were provided with a brown coating. The modern canvas is often available in small sizes for painting. Among the large canvas verity the cotton duck, which stretches more fully and is highly economical. Small canvas is also frequently available in market one can buy those which are prepared with a wooden backing called as canvas board from factories.

Large canvas is frequently used for making tents to cars, for making beddings and certain other purposes.

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