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Marine canvas refers to that style of work which works for the design and manufacturing of functional canvas product for sail and motor boats. Marine canvas is also referred as boat canvas.

Marine canvasses are of different types. The Biminis and Dodgers are one such type of marine canvas used for protection. These canvasses are used for protecting different parts of boat from changing weather when the boats are in voyage or in harbor. The canvas is applied for creating a comfortable environment for the person sailing it. Marine canvas is also sometimes used for enhancing the decoration of the motorboat or sail. In U.S.A the marine

canvas creators use especially the Sunbrella acrylic fabric though certain other brand of acrylic canvas is also available. The light colored marine canvasses often destroy more quickly in the sun and sometimes it even loses its strength within the first few years of its use. The Dark colored canvasses like bright green canvas, Pacific blue canvas, and black are highly durable. Even if they are used continuously in tropical places they can last for up to 20 long years at a stretch.

Marine canvas is often used for protecting the body of boats against the harmful UV rays. The intensity of UV rays damages the varnish and the sail materials, for this reason the boats are required to be prepared repeatedly; in order to prevent the regular repairing the boats are covered of fabricated canvas. The hatches are covered with canvas for indoor sun protection and the winches of boats are covered to protect from deteriorating from rain and airborne particles.

Long thread sizes are used for stitching the marine canvas since the small thread sizes are not appropriate for tropical regions and because of frequent loss of strength that results from exposure to high ultraviolet rays. It is good to keep one of the two stitch lines not exposed to the direct contact of sun. This is only possible by stitching the canvas by providing the stitch-turn-and topstitch technique, instead of stitching both lines on the same side.

Usually Polyester threads are used for stitching the marine canvas the reason behind using Polyester threads is that such threads are highly resistant to ultra violet rays. Nylon threads are never used for stitching marine canvas since they do not have long lasting capacity not even more than six months when exposed to sunlight. In comparison Polyester threads have greater lasting capacity.

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