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Modern Canvas

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric. Canvas fabrics are of different types employing different types of fabrics different items are created. Because of the sturdiness of the fabric it is used for creating different materials where sturdiness is highly required.

Modern canvasses are usually made of cotton. Modern canvass differs from other lightweight canvas such as denims. They are plain weave and are not twill weave like the heavy fabric canvas. Modern canvas pieces are available in two basic types plain and duck. The threads of duck canvas are more tightly woven.

Ancient Canvas Types:

Since early days canvas has been used as a best medium for oil painting replacing the wooden panels. One of the earliest surviving canvas works is a French work Madonna with Angels. Drawing pictures on panels remained much more common until the 16th and 17th century especially in northern Europe. The major change came in the style of painting after Mantegna and Venetian artists introduced a change in the style of working. Canvas has been traditionally coated before painting with some flexible chalk gesso composed of lead carbonate and linseed oil. Early canvas were use to be made of linen which was only suitable for oil painting. Since 20th century cotton canvas came into use.

Modern Canvas Scenario:

At present times different alternatives of canvas primers are frequently available the most popular among these is the synthetic latex coating. Modern canvasses are largely available in different small sizes at commercial levels. Though modern canvas is also coated before painting avoiding this many modern artists, such as Helen Franken haler, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock, Kenneth Noland, Ronnie Landfield, Dan Christensen, Larry Zox, and many others sometimes paint onto the unprimed canvas. The modern canvas preparation differs to a great extent from early canvasses. Modern techniques of preparing canvas take advantage of both the canvas texture as well as those of the paint itself.

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