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Needlepoint Canvas

Needlepoint canvas work is a type of embroidery canvas work where yarn is stitched through a canvas ground fabric. Needlepoint canvas is not like the surface embroidery; needlepoint work uses the canvas or the ground fabric and creates a new fabric. Tapestry is the other name for needlepoint. When needlepoint is worked over a quality canvas it is called as 'petit point'.

Finished needlepoint works are also applied on pillows and upholstery. It can also be displayed on framed or unframed wall. It is also made into ornaments, purses, rugs and stuffed stand-up figures.

Needlepoint Canvas, Historical Perspective:

The needlepoint canvas work was considered as a popular domestic craft during 16th century and 17th century Bargello. In the early American culture many young women use to do needlepoint canvas work of alphabets and numbers which was considered as a part of their blessings to their domestic life.

Modern Perspective:

The contemporary technique of working on needlepoint canvas has changed a lot. Now the threads used for stitching are like silk, wool, cotton or even mixture of different fibers. For some works quality thread fibers are also used such as metallic braid, metallic cord, and ribbon. In present times different types of embroidery canvas are frequently available. Modern canvas is sized by mesh sizes or by inch thread count. Often the size varies from 5 threads per inches to 24 threads per inch. Mesh sizes used popularly these days are like 10,12,14,18, and 24. Nowadays three types of needlepoint canvas such as mono needlepoint canvas, Penelope needlepoint canvas, and interlock needlepoint canvas are largely available in market.

Needlepoint Stitches:

There are different types of needlepoint stitches doe on canvas. Some frequently made stitches are like:

  • Hungarian point stitch
  • Mosaic stitch
  • Brick Stitch
  • Parisian stitch
  • Upright cross stitch
  • Hungarian Ground stitch
  • Arraiolos stitch
  • Old Florentine stitch
  • Whipped flower stitch
  • Tent stitches
  • Encroaching Upright Gobelin stitch

Needlepoint Canvas, Pattern:

The pattern of needlepoint canvas differs according to the quality of canvas. Now the commercial designs for needlepoint canvas are available in different ways like Hand-Painted Canvas, Printed Canvas, Charted Canvas, and Free-form.

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