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Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas is a live album created by the British band Japan. The Virgin records released Oil on Canvas in 1983. The album was a live recording of the already created numbers by the British band. Though the album was only the recording of the pre made established materials it also contains three new studio tracks all separately recorded by the Sylvian and Barbieri.

Though the oil on canvas was released some months after the much talked band's split in 1982 it became one of Japan's high acclaimed albums in United Kingdom. The live tracks of the oil on canvas album were taken from Japan's performance in November 1982 during their final live concert. The guitarist Rob Dean left the Japan band two years before the release of the album. After he left the band Masami Tsuchiya joined the band for playing guitar and additional keyboards.

The band oil on canvas also used support tracks for supplying instrumental parts to the band. The album oil on canvas was re-released in the year 2004 in the double disc which is recreated providing additional tracks. These new two tracks were Gentlemen Take Polaroids and Swing. In the year 2006 the album was re-released. This time the album was released again as a single disc it contained all the previous tracks of the other versions.

The Virgin Records also released one video version of Oil on Canvas. In the year 2006 the Virgin Records released the DVD of the Oil on Canvas. "The Very Best of Japan", which also features many of the band's promotional videos. The DVD created for oil on canvas was released with the name "The Very Best of Japan". It featured many promotional videos of the band.

The tracks released by the album are listed below:

  • "Oil on Canvas"
  • "Sons of Pioneers"
  • "Gentlemen Take Polaroids"
  • "Swing"
  • "Cantonese Boy"
  • "Visions of China"
  • "Ghosts"
  • "Voices Raised in Welcome, Hands Held in Prayer"
  • "Nightporter"
  • "Still Life in Mobile Homes"
  • "Methods of Dance"
  • "Quiet Life"
  • "The Art of Parties"
  • "Canton"
  • "Temple of Dawn"

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