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Painters Canvas

A canvas is a plain woven fabric usually taken in use for making tents, sails, marquees, backpacks and many other things. The most conventional use of a canvas is that it is used as a painting surface. The canvas used in making various things like fashion handbags and shoes differ in quality to that of painters canvas.

Painters Canvas, Texture:

A painters canvas differs in its texture, appearance, size and many aspects. Such canvases are only used for painting. Before painting on canvas a painter first stretches the canvas across a wooden frame and applies some coating into it. Often gesso is applied as coating before painting. Previously a painters canvas was used to be primed with some traditional coatings but nowadays various alternative and more flexible canvas primers are commercially available the most popular being a synthetic latex paint composed of titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate.

Early to Contemporary Painters Canvas:

Previously a painters canvas was used to be made of linen but a linen canvasses were only suitable for oil paintings. In the early 20th century cotton based painters canvas also called as cotton duck canvas became very popular. In the professional ground linen canvas became highly popular especially for those artists who work on oil paint. Usually a painters canvas made with a cotton fiber is accepted as best since it stretches more fully and has an even, mechanical weave; it also offers a more economical alternative. The contemporary painters canvases are found in small sizes. One can buy small prepared canvases with a cardboard backing. One disadvantage of such canvas is that they are only available in definite sizes, and are not acid-free, so their lifespan is very limited. One major difference between the modern painters canvas and those of the Flemish and Dutch masters' canvas is in the preparation of canvas.

A properly created painters canvas offers full freedom of painting in such canvas the painter find greater satisfaction in coloring in subsequent layers and applying brushstrokes.

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