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Shade Canvas

Shade canvas is an outer covering often attached with outer walls of buildings and houses. The shade canvas is often stretched over structures made of different materials such as iron, aluminum and steel. Usually shades are made of canvas but some shades are also made of acrylic cloth. Shade canvas are usually provided to those areas of buildings such as above a window, door or above the sidewalk area. Canvas shades are tightly stretched over different structures made of aluminum, iron and steel. Canvas shades are usually found in some commercial buildings like restaurants and hotels. These

commercial buildings often occupy an extensive area just outside the entrance position and cover the entire occupied place with shade canvas for outdoor day and night parities and reception ceremonies. There are some commercial buildings which prefer to paint the name, business and address of their corporate name thus apart from giving shade and protection they also serve as a signboard.

Shade Canvas, Historical Perspective:

Historically canvas shades were used by the ancient civilizations of Syria and Egypt. During that time the canvas shades were recognized by the name of "woven mats". "Woven mats" were used for shading homes and market stalls.

Roman civilization also used shades. In America the use of canvas shades became popular during the first half of the19th century but during that time canvas shades were not used same as in modern ages. After the civil war days the use of canvas shades became even more popular.

Canvas Shades, Present Scenario:

In present times the use of canvas shades has largely increased. Many small to big scale business houses are there which make canvas shades of different materials. They sell those for different prices. Different canvas shades for different purposes are created like a cotton canvas shade can not be used during the rainy seasons as there are many chances of the shade to get shrink after getting damp due to continuous exposure to rain.

Canvas Shades Types:

Shades are made in different sizes and of different types. Some shades or canopies instead of being made of fabric are made of different materials like corrugated polycarbonate, aluminum, corrugated fiberglass. No doubt the shades made of these materials are more durable than those made of fabric. In present market retractable canvas shades, portable retractable canvas shades, side arm canvas shades and shade of different other types are created and sold.

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