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Stretching Canvas

Canvas is made of different mediums some are made of linen some are made of cotton. The cotton canvas fabric usually gets wrinkled while painting to make it unwrinkled it is good to use a warm for stretching the canvas.

Some proper ways of stretching canvas are discussed below:

  • Firstly slot the stretcher frame together. To make the corners of the canvas get fixed tightly, use a rubber hammer.

  • Cut the canvas in a large size so as to fold it around stretcher edge and cover the stretcher bar.

  • Now attach your canvas on the canvas frame. Select one side of it for beginning the work. In the center of the stretcher bar, place the first staple.

  • In the northern position of the canvas, continue working with the pliers repeat the process in the south position even. Secure the centre point of the canvas first once it gets secured you will complete the stretching process in a methodical way by moving from one position to the other.

  • Use your canvas pliers and raise the canvas taught returning to the eastern position of the canvas. While stretching your canvas place the two staples on either side of the centre staple. Repeat the process even to the western position repeat the process in the north and the south position of the canvas.

  • After stretching the canvas to the frame trim out the additional fabric.

  • Finishing the process in the corners, pull out the corner of canvas tightly across the back of the stretcher towards the center.

  • Fold the canvas wing both in and over.

  • Now repeat the same process of folding even in the second wing of the canvas, and place it over the first wing.

  • Use stapler and secure the folds to the stretcher.

  • After properly securing the canvas, apply the coating of acrylic gesso.

  • If you find your stretching canvas still slightly loose, add wedges in the interior corners of the stretcher bars by spreading them slightly apart and making your canvas more taught.

  • After painting follow the given process and wrap the canvas around a stretcher and display.

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