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White Canvas

A canvas is a most useful support for painting especially oil painting. A canvas is a plain woven fabric often required for making tents, sails, marquees, backpacks and different other materials. Canvasses are of different types and made of different materials one such type of canvas is white canvas often used for painting. The term white canvas refers to uncoated or raw canvas before painting. The canvas is first primed with a coating called as gesso before actually using it. Various alternatives of canvas primers are commercially available. The most popular of all these is the synthetic latex composed of titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate.

Many modern artists such as Francis Bacon, Helen Frankenthaler, Jackson Pollock, Kenneth Noland, Dan Christensen, Larry Zox, Ronnie Landfield, painted on raw canvas ignoring the traditional idea of coating. White cotton canvas is considered as the best for any type of painting. Small prepared white canvas which is glued to a cardboard backing is also considered as an authentic painting support.

White canvas is also used at different merchandise level for producing different articles such as white canvas shoes, white canvas tarps like Poly Tarps, Tarp, Poly Tarp, Blue Tarps, Truck Tarps, Truck Tarp, and different other products. There are different white canvas art galleries that display many canvas works of high quality one such example is discussed below:

White Canvas Gallery:

The white canvas gallery features a wide variety of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, as well as works in wood, glass, clay and metal. The gallery features artworks created by more than 30 emerging artists. The art work displayed feature a wide variety of styles ranging from folk art to cutting edge. The featured artists include names of Vicki Burner, Kevin Collins, Nan Covert, David Gray Turner, Josh Simpson, Ken Wright, Anderson Giles and many others.

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