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A cartoon is a very popular form of illustration holding different meanings evolving from its original meaning. The word cartoon has been derived from the Italian word Cartone and Dutch word Karton, which means strong, heavy paper or pasteboard. Any form of cartoon is originally a

full-size drawing

done on paper for further related study such as a painting or tapestry.

Previously Cartoons were only used for producing frescoes and to link exactly the component parts of the composition when painted over plaster for many days. Those cartoons often had some loopholes in the area where the outline of the design has been picked out in the plaster. In this context Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci's much acclaimed cartoons of old days are highly mentionable.

With its rapid succession Cartoons have been used in many places serving different purposes. They were used in many different places. To grasp more ideas on cartoons visit the following links:-

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