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Adult Cartoons

Cartoon is a drawing which depicts a humorous situation. It is also a form of drawing which represents current public figures or issues symbolically and often satirically such as a political cartoon. The word cartoon has originated from the Italian word Cartone and Dutch word Karton, which means strong, heavy paper or pasteboard. A cartoon is a form of illustration holding different meanings evolving from its original meaning. There are many types of cartoons funny cartoons, exaggerated cartoons, political cartoons, caricature cartoons, adult cartoons and many others.

Adult cartoons are used in creating funny images of celebrities and public personalities. Adult cartoons are also created in many funny forms. It is used in many different places such as Trading cards, Comic books, movies, action figures, T-shirts and others. Like any other cartoon style adult cartoon is also presented in animated patterns. And in animated patterns especially the Japanese character cartoons are very famous. Different channels present cartoon programs every day, but do we ever think that are all these cartoons acceptable for children of all ages. Even though this animated figure takes the form of a cartoon, some of the plots involve sexual explicit and violent themes. Hence it is our duty to provide our children with healthy viewing for their proper mental and psychological development. There are some cartoon programs which might not judge suitable for viewing by children, especially to elementary and school going children.

While watching cartoons we must keep following points in our mind;

  • First of all we should be well acquainted that if a particular cartoon is Suitable for Family Viewing or if it is "G" rated. There are some of the creatures in the cartoons which appears frightening to some children.

  • An adult cartoon should only be shown to children under proper parental guidance. For Adult Audiences the programs are rated as "X". Such programs are made only for adult viewing. Such videos contain certain graphical scenes of open sex and are completely of prurient nature.

  • Adult cartoons are those which are especially advocated for more mature viewers or "M" rated. These videos are made particularly for mature audiences, and parents should highly be conscious before sharing them with children.

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