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Anime Cartoons

Anime is a Japanese abbreviation of the word "animation". Other then Japan, in different other countries of world the term 'anime' most popularly refers to animation originating in Japan. In the Western countries, all types of animations are not considered as anime; there anime is only considered as a subset of animation. There are many different versions of animation. Anime Cartoons is one such famous version. Anime cartoons are both hand drawn and computer assisted. Modern Computer assisted anime cartoons are very popular recently the idea has become even more popular.

The story line in Anime cartoons often presents some major genres of fiction. Anime cartoons are broadcast on television, distributed on DVD, VHS and also used in making video games. Some forms of anime cartoons are produced as full length motion pictures. Usually anime cartoons are found influenced of light novels, manga and different other cultures. Some anime cartoons are created into live actions, televisions and films.

An Anime cartoon is a short hand drawn illustration for films, cinemas, televisions and computer screens usually featuring a story or a plot. Anime cartoons are all made under the traditional animation style.

Anime Cartoons Historical Perspective:

The idea of anime cartoons has developed since the Paleolithic days when cave paintings use to depict images of animals and man often in hunting manners. With gradual development many changes have occurred in the field. The first animated cartoon was "Fantasmagorie" created by the French director Émile Cohl. This cartoon was released in 1908. "Gertie the Dinosaur" created by Winsor McCay was one of the very first successful animated cartoons. It is considered the first perfect cartoon animation.

Anime Cartoons Present Scenario: With the advent of modern technologies many scopes have developed for improving the art of animation. Previously most of the anime cartoons were created black and white and silent. 'Felix' the cat is the best example of this term. The first cartoon with sound narratives was 'Steamboat Willie' by Walt Disney.

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