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Bush Cartoons

Though cartoons are the comic characters having a mocking satirical sense, they are also used from time to time for illustrating current events and personalities. Political cartoons are frequently found on editorial pages of newspapers. There are some popular personalities on whom many cartoon illustrations have been formatted as Bush cartoons, is the best example in this regard. Usually such cartoons are only formatted on those public personalities who are famous for certain reasons. Such cartoons are found more effectual when they are illustrated by efficient cartoonists such as Richard Nixon and Joe Clark.

George Walker Bush the 43rd and the current president of United States of America is the most cherished character used by political cartoonists. Though many cartoon images of George Bush has developed time to time only few Bush cartoons are discussed below:

Little Bush Cartoons: Little Bush cartoon is a funny illustration of George Bush. It is a satirical cartoon show developed by Donick Cary and telecasted on an American television channel. The show began to be telecast since 13th June 2007. In the show the current Bush policies are presented by children including Little Bush attending Beltway Elementary School. This cartoon show has been presented in several episodes. The characters used in the show are:

  • Lil' Bush (George W. Bush), voiced by Chris Parson
  • George Sr. (George H. W. Bush) voiced by Dave Mitchell
  • Barbara Bush voiced by Mara Cary
  • Lil' Jeb (Jeb Bush), voiced by Dave Mitchell
  • Lil' Cheney (Dick Cheney), voiced by Donick Cary
  • Lil' Condi (Condoleezza Rice), voiced by Ann Villella
  • Lil' Rummy (Donald Rumsfeld), voiced by Iggy Pop.

    Yogi Bush Cartoons: Yogi Bush cartoon is the title of a short cartoon which appeared on the ironic animated show 'VH1 Illustrated' in 2004. This satirical comedy show presents many major American policies in a very light approach. In this particular Bush cartoon show, Yogi Bush is actually a merging of Yogi Bear and U.S. President George W. Bush and Bubu Cheney.

    Politicians sometimes find themselves completely unable to separate themselves from the characters cartoonists create, particularly if many cartoonists use similar elements.

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