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Cartoon Archive

A cartoon archive is a collection of records of cartoon photographs. It also refers to the location where the collections of records are kept. Generally the archives possess such images which are considered as important for long time preservation. Like any other archive cartoon archives are also either maintained by government or corporations. Cartoon archives are different from libraries. Generally cartoon archives hold only such records which are unique in some way.

Ancient History of Archives:

The word "archives" usually refers to a well maintained body of records. The ancient Chinese, Greek and Romans had a well developed archiving system. French Revolution has highly influenced the system of modern archives. The French National Archives are considered as the largest archival collection in the world, since A.D. 625.

Present Scenario of Cartoon Archive:

Some cartoon archives are generally owned by profit institutions. These types of archives are not always open for common public and are only used by the workers and owners of the company. There are some others which allow approved visitors by appointment. These cartoon archives are careful of maintaining the integrity of their parent company, and therefore, very conscious of the way their materials may be used. Though there are many cartoon archives. Some are discussed below:

  • John Leech Archive:

    John Leech archive is an online archive having more than 600 selected cartoons. The archive believes in keeping the wonderful collection of cartoons to be copyright free. The archive has a collection of more than 2000 cartoons ready on document and is still adding some important collections. The cartoons are very interesting, and focus on all major historical events including the Crimean War, the Great Exhibition, the Chartist Movement, servants and women, fashion changes and changing attitudes to class.

  • Steve Bell Archive:

    It is also an online cartoon archive with an extensive collection of images of famous people all over the world.

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