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Cartoon Bank

A cartoon bank is like a cartoon archive or a cartoon gallery with extensive collection of cartoon images. Cartoon banks provide different cartoon images. Usually they have a collection of cartoon works of different types. Cartoon bank is a place having a large collection of cartoon images collected from different sources. In the cartoon bank often such images are preserved which are considered valuable and subject to long term preservation.

Cartoon banks are both taken care by both government and private corporations often with the purpose of business promotion. There are some cartoon banks which are solely owned by profit institutions. These cartoon banks are not always open for common public and are only used by the workers and owners of the company. There are some others which allow approved visitors by appointment. Often the cartoon banks are very much conscious of maintaining the integrity of their parent company, and therefore very appropriate of the way their materials may be used. There are some cartoon banks which are designed for using as money collection like the Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank:

Piggy bank is also called as a penny bank or money box. Piggy bank is the old name of a coin collection and storage container, usually used by little children. Among the collectors a piggy bank is recognized as a still bank contrary to the automatic banks. The shapes of these Piggy banks are like pigs and they are made of ceramic or porcelain.

It is said that the Piggy banks establish the ideas of balanced saving and spending among children. The modern piggy banks are provided with a plug in the underside portion of the bank allowing easy take out of coins. Some more advanced versions are provided with an electronic system for calculating and storing the amount of deposition.

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