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Cartoon Classics

Cartoon classics include list of some all time favorite cartoon works. Those cartoons which were made in old days. There are so many all time Cartoon classics with lots of funny and animation series. Though there are many Cartoon classics few are discussed below:

Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: The Walt Disney cartoon classics were a series cartoon collection taken form the Disney. It was the first attempt by the Disney to put cartoons on home video. At first there was created only fourteen volumes from 1983 to 1986. These cartoon series ran form 30 to 60 minutes. All the fourteen volumes of the Disney cartoon were named differently such as

  • Chip 'N' Dale with Donald Duck
  • Pluto
  • Scary Tales
  • Sport Goofy
  • Disney's Best of 1931-1948
  • More Sport Goofy
  • More of Disney's Best: 1932-1946
  • Sport Goofy's Vacation
  • Donald Duck's First 50 Years
  • Mickey's Crazy Careers
  • The Continuing Adventures of Chip 'N' Dale Featuring Donald Duck
  • Disney's Tall Tales
  • Silly Symphonies: Fanciful Fables
  • Silly Symphonies: Animal Tales

Cartoon Network: Cartoon Network also known as CN, was a Turner broadcasting creation. Cartoon network was the first to show animated programs over television. The Cartoon Network began broadcasting on 1st October 1992 showing the Looney Tunes as its first aired program.

ToonHeads: ToonHeads one other famous cartoon classics was also an animated cartoon program created by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer & Warner Bros. This cartoon classic was at first broadcast on the Cartoon network from December 23, 1996 to December 23, 2001.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends: Winnie the Pooh and Friends was another famous cartoon classics compilation. This compilation video was created from 1985 by the Walt Disney Home video and featured four different cartoon shorts such as Winnie the Pooh and a day for Eeyore a 1983 cartoon creation, Hooked Bear a 1956 cartoon classics ,Hold that Pose a Goofy cartoon classics of 1950 and In the Bag a 1956 cartoon classics.

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