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Cartoons Comics

Comics are the drawing series, often arranged in horizontal manner on a newspaper page or on a magazine, or a book, that works as a narrative. The entire story is delivered to the audience by the means of drawings even in the absence of words enhancing the narration. Usually the comic strips are found without narrative texts still there are some which also have texts associated along with the drawings. The Yellow Kid produced in 1895 was among the first to have text within the narrative frame by writing words on the shirt of "the Kid." Since the late nineteenth century, cartoons comics usually feature a regular cast of characters, and contain either a complete story or story divided in series of episodes.

There are some cartoons comics strips made in animation patterns. Usually Cartoons and Comic Strips feature major interlinked comedy cartoonists and their humorous art. Some eminent cartoons comics are "Blondie," "Beetle Bailey," "The Duplex," "Adam@Home," "Doonesbury," "Cathy," "Dilbert," "Calvin and Hobbes," and many more. Though there are many other cartoons comics developed both in animated, non animated styles, in series and in several other versions some are discussed below:

Being Five: 'Being Five' is a story of a five year old boy who blogs his story on internet creating a series of cute cartoons. This lovely online comic strip appears every weak nicely presenting the enthusiasm of being five.

Daze of Our Lives: Daze of Our Lives is an interesting comic strip gallery which features old drawings with modern punch lines. In this comic strip many ancient illustrations are given with contemporary captions.

Baby Blues: Baby blues is written by Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman. The story is about a young couple engrossed in daily battles.

Blondie: Blondie written by Dean Yong is a much famous cartoons comics featured by many magazines in episodes and in series. There are also animated illustrations of Blondie produced by many websites and other sources. The entire story features Bumsteads, the Dithers, and Daisy.

Other than these few there are many other cartoons comics with funny illustrations and messages, some being popular worldwide.

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