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Cartoon Dolls

Cartoon dolls are the small pixilated images of people. Cartoon dolls are either displayed as online avatars or displayed in the form of artwork on commercial WebPages. Cartoon dolls differ in their basic size from being a few pixels high to a few hundred pixels high. People who create dolls are called as dollars or dollists. Previously only cartoon dolls in different female forms were created but with increasing demands cartoon male dolls have also dominated the animation market.

Historical Perspective:

The first cartoon doll was created in 1995. These dolls were made simple, starting from a basic shape consisting of 44 by 44-pixel "props" that were hand-drawn in the Editing palette of the Palace program. The idea of making cartoon doll was taken by Paper dolls, with a base body overlaid with clothes, hairstyles and accessories. Dolls of those days were generally cartoon-like in appearance and limited to only a small number of poses.

In the beginning, cartoon dolls were called as "little people," then "skaters" or "sk8ers." Several Modifications in the shape and structure of dolls were done this modification was called as 'edits'. Slowly the doll makers began to spread in number these doll makers were exactly like the old style of paper dolls. With the growing popularity for cartoon dolls it began to grow, from a simple hobby to a more accepted form of art. Graphic artists started applying their creative imagination for making highly detailed dolls. Common artists also followed the trend and began creating dolls that looked fewer cartoons like and more realistic.

Modern Cartoon Doll Technique:

Cartoon dolls are first created in Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or GIMP graphic program. For making these dolls first proper base is created. Some common tools for creating cartoon dolls are like drag-n-drops, applets which load bases and clothing, hair, and accessories onto a page. These tools provide enough scope to the user to select and combine a base and provide different pre-drawn accessories. Nowadays there are many tutorials that provide tips on how to create dolls, with a greater emphasis on utilizing tools in the graphics programs and elements of shading and outlining.

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