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Cartoon Images

Cartoons are the graphic illustration forms with various but often with the core purpose of fun and satire. The word cartoon is derived from the Italian word cartone and Dutch/Flemish word "karton". Cartoons are often used for producing frescoes, in order to accurately link the component parts of the composition.

Cartooning is a very common concept. The popular cartoon theme has also been used in creating different graphic illustrations all related to the original theme (cartoons). Cartoon images are often the outcome of thoughts of cartoonists that are depicted on several places such as for creating cartoon comics, cards, creating movies, project works, creating caricatures, printing out in documents and many other places. Not only are these common places, owing to the growing familiarity of the concept cartoon images also used in creating clipart designs based on cartoon themes. Cartoon images are often used for creating company logos, creating labels, cool t shirt designs; and many other merchandise projects.

Cartoon images are often designed on some famous cartoon characters including Mickey, Donald duck, Disney, Popeye, Tom and Jerry, Flintstones and many others. There are many websites which provide cartoon images of different types such as animals, people, comic book characters, Disney, plus objects, the Simpsons, and film star caricatures, icons, animations, and other such images based on cartoon themes. Cartoon images are often made in animated forms in order to make them more expressive and accurate. Usually the cartoon pictures are created to entertain little children by the medium of different online sources and televisions. In the world of child entertainment cartoon images are found more versatile and appealing illustration since it includes different fictitious images and illustrations which directly influence child's imaginations.

Other than these functions the more focused purpose of using cartoon pictures is to create healthy entertainment for little children. Since cartoon pictures are specially formatted for little children, it becomes the responsibility of the cartoon creators to make the cartoon images for the proper mental development of a child. Hence performing its duty if possible cartoonists should try to put some educational themes with a bit of general knowledge explanations in a very light and stimulating manner.

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